Plumbing On-Tap Worthing Tenants’ Guide

Are you a tenant in Worthing? If so, pay close attention! It just so happens that your landlord is required by law to follow certain gas safety rules. These regulations are defined and enforced by the Gas Safe Register of the UK, and they require that a safety check is conducted once per year.

What Is The Gas Safe Register?

This organization manages gas enforcement in the United Kingdom. It is responsible for licensing gas engineers, conducting safety inspections, keeping the public educated about gas safety and issuing gas safety certifications.

What Are Gas Safety Certificates?

A gas safety certificate is simply a report that proves a home or office has taken part in its required annual gas check-up.

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What Is The Gas Check-Up?

The check-up is a required annual inspection that we at Plumbing On-Tap Worthing are licensed to offer. During a check-up, our plumbers do all of the following:

  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Check for monoxide poisoning.
  • Check to make sure gas appliances are working properly.
  • Check to ensure harmful gases are being ventilated property.
  • Check that all safety devices are functioning.

If the home passes the inspection, we then give the landlord a safety certificate that he or she must share with you within 28 days. Always make sure you ask to see the certificate before you ever move into a new property. This is important because Worthing tenants are at higher risk than Worthing homeowners.

Why Are Worthing Tenants At Higher Risk?

Many tenants are not aware of the laws regarding gas safety in the UK. This therefore permits many landlords to get away with not getting their annual inspection. This places tenants at a great risk, and it’s why you as a tenant should demand to see the certificate. If the landlord cannot produce it, you should demand that he or she schedule an immediate appointment with one of our Worthing plumbers .

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What Are The Tenant’s Responsibilities?

Your key responsibility as the tenant is to allow our Worthing plumbers to enter the property so that we can conduct the inspection. We offer exact-time appointments during standard weekday business hours (8am-4pm), so you won’t ever have to sit around and wait for us. Plus, we touch base with you 3 days prior to the appointment.

Note that you are required to make sure that our Worthing plumbers have clear access to boilers, gas appliances, gas metres and all rooms.


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Additional Information

Below are some additional key points to keep in mind:

  • If You Own Gas Appliances: If you happen to own any of the gas appliances in the rented home, then you yourself are responsible for them. However, the landlord  is still responsible for the general gas pipe work. It’s best to go ahead and get your appliances checked on the same day that your landlord gets the entire property checked.
  • If The Property Isn’t Safe: If you suspect that the property in which you reside hasn’t been inspected, then make certain you contact the Health and Safety Executive immediately. Failing to comply with UK gas laws is a criminal offense.
  • If You Fail To Meet An Appointment: If an appointment is made but you the tenant are not home at the appointment time, YOU will be charged.

We’re Here To Help

We have the best plumbers in Worthing working on our team, so if the property you reside in isn’t safe, make sure to tell your landlord to give us a call right away!


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