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The bad news just never stops coming. According to a slew of recent data, energy prices in Worthing and other greater Sussex cities are slated to increase yet again. This of course means higher energy bills and less money in your pockets. There are two ways you can deal with these increased energy prices. You[…]

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There is no better time than now to invest in an energy efficient boiler. With energy prices increasing and winter weather never ceasing, it would behoove you greatly to invest in a quality boiler. Why? For numerous reasons, all of which we at Plumbing On-Tap Worthing want to review today! Why You Should Invest In[…]

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Many Worthing homeowners are feeling ever more desperate to reduce the size of their energy bills. It makes sense, what with the fact that the price of energy never seems to stop going up in the U.K.! Regardless, we are Plumbing On-Tap Worthing would like to take some of your time today to show you[…]

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