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Landlords have quite the responsibility on their hands. It is their duty to maintain properties so that tenants are kept safe and secure. Some landlords try to do these duties themselves. Some admittedly get away with it, courtesy of past experience. However, there are numerous reasons why you should skip out on DIY jobs and instead invest in Worthing plumbing team like us!

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Why DIY Jobs Are Not Advisable

Plumbing On-Tap Worthing understands that finances are right, especially with the economy situation being as precarious as it has and continues to be. However, we strongly recommend against trying DIY plumbing and heating jobs. We especially recommend against doing DIY gas-related jobs!

Let’s start with some facts. According to the nationally recognized Gas Safe Register, 31% of UK residents would be willing to attempt a DIY job on a gas appliance like a boiler, all to save a measly £60. The same applies to landlords. According to the same study, 75% of landlords would prefer trying to fix their own problems instead of investing in a trained professional.

So why should you not engage in DIY plumbing and heating? Check out the many reasons below:

  • Boilers, water heaters and other HVAC gear are connected to hazardous gas lines. Tampering with these devices improperly could put you and your family at great risk.
  • Old, outdated plumbing systems are very fragile. One tiny mistake could wind up making the entire system non-functional.
  • Household plumbing systems are connected to citywide plumbing systems. If you make a mistake that affects the larger citywide system, you could end up liable.
  • If you do not have a license from the Gas Safe Register and you mess with a gas appliance or device, you could face stiff penalties from the UK government.
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Why It’s Important To Be Gas Safe

Gas safety is very important. It could save both your property and your life. With that said, our Worthing plumbers want to give you some general tips to help protect you.

  • Never ever engage in DIY gas work. It’s illegal and dangerous!
  • Whenever you seek a Worthing plumber to conduct gas-related work, make sure to check he or she possesses the proper Gas Safe ID card.
  • Avoid blocking air vents and flues. This can lead to a dangerous build-up of toxic fumes and gases.
  • Never, ever try to remove back boilers yourself. This exposes important pipes and flues. Leave it to the boiler experts
  • Make sure that all gas appliances and systems in your home are thoroughly inspected annually by a certified gas inspector.
  • Avoid using gas appliances for alternative purposes. For instance, a gas stove should never be used for heating purposes.

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