High Energy Prices in the UK

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High Energy Prices in the UK

The bad news just never stops coming. According to a slew of recent data, energy prices in Worthing and other greater Sussex cities are slated to increase yet again. This of course means higher energy bills and less money in your pockets.

There are two ways you can deal with these increased energy prices. You can just roll with it and pay more, or you can use some sure-fire tips to reduce your energy consumption. It’s actually a lot easier to save money on your energy than you think! For further information about saving money while reducing your bills, click here.

Before we tread that far, however, let’s take a look at what you can expect this season.

Expected Energy Price Increases In Worthing

Below is how much price rates are expected to increase among the top energy providers:

  • NPower: 10.4%
  • SSE: 8.2%
  • British Gas: 9.2%
  • E-On: 6.6%
  • Scottish Power: 8.6%

These changes are expected to add an extra £137 to everybody’s annual energy bill. That’s about £12 extra per month.

Recommended Strategy For Dealing With Price Increases

We understand that many Worthing customers might be tempted to just run their heating unit less come winter. We strongly recommend against this strategy. The truth is that insufficient home heating is a very serious problem in the UK — one that leads to a whopping 24,000+ deaths per year.

What you should instead do is employ savvy techniques to gradually lower your energy bill. The types of strategies we’re about to review will let you save money while still staying work!

Energy-Saving Types Courtesy Worthing Plumbers

Ready to save money? Let’s get to some sure-fire tips!

• Always make sure to unplug appliances when you aren’t using them. Keeping multiple appliances plugged in endlessly can impact your energy bill more than you realize.

• Switch to energy-efficiency light bulbs. They use considerably less energy. They also last much longer than conventional light bulbs.

• Invest in a high-efficiency condensing boiler such as the ones we have available.

• Utilize thicker curtains to help ward off the cold weather.

• Use high-tech thermostats that change temperature based on the time of the day.

• Utilize better interior insulation to make sure that the heat from your heating system doesn’t leak.

• Consider having a eco-showerhead installed. These can lead to huge savings totalling up to £175 per year.

• Take advantage of power management features on your computers and video gaming consoles.

• Make sure that all cracks and gaps are sealed around windows, doors and siding.

• Turn off light switches when you exit a room.

• Make sure your heating system is properly managed via periodic check-ups.

How We At Plumbing On-Tap Worthing Can Help

It just so happens that we, as the best plumbers in Worthing, are equipped to help you with your energy needs. We can fix all cracks & leaks. We can also install a high-efficiency boiler. Feel free to give us a call and we’d be glad to stop by, take a look and figure out what we can do to help you save money on energy this season!


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About the Author:

  • Jayden Coleman

    What are possible ways you can do to deal with these increased energy prices?

    • One significant thing you can do is to reduce your energy consumption.

  • Liam Nash

    What are
    some things we can do to save money and save energy?

    • There are several things we can do
      to save money and save energy. Some of this include utilizing thicker
      curtains to help ward off the cold weather. You can consider monitoring the
      use of your computers and any electric powered devices.

  • Nathan Kerr

    What can you do at home to save energy and lower electric bills?

    • You can save energy and lower electric bills by following changes in your home. One is being green in your yard. Composting your foods and waste reduces the amount of garbage that you send to landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Logan Williamson

    What are some of the health risks of insufficient heating in the home?

    • There are many health risks that results to insufficient heating and one of these is “Heat Stress. Heat stress is the net heat load to which a worker may be exposed from the combined contributions of metabolic heat, environmental factors, humidity, and clothing requirements.

  • Faith Leach

    How can we save money on energy bills?

    • We can save money on energy bills by considering even cheap insulating measures.